Trading currencies using artificial intelligence


Century Analytics is an asset management firm that strives to become one of Europe’s leading quantitative asset managers of alternative investment strategies


Finding its economic background in game theory and artificial intelligence, Century Analytics has developed unique, proprietary trading algorithms that specialize in exploiting trading patterns in the global currency market
Century trades the most liquid, developed market currencies combining short-term trading strategies with rigorous risk management.
The investment strategy is expected to achieve long-term attractive risk-adjusted returns, while offering an attractive diversification of most asset classes.
Century Analytics will focus on offering its investment solutions to institutional investors such as pension funds, family offices, insurance companies and corporate treasuries, as well as to high-net-worth individuals.
Century Analytics expects to launch a currency hedge fund at year-end 2018.
Currency market

Averaging a few trillion dollars in daily turnover, the foreign exchange market is by far the largest financial market in the world. Unlike other markets, the currency market is open 24 hours a day (except weekends). Century Analytics specializes in trading this market and trades the 17 most liquid currency pairs. This enables Century to establish a unique risk profile that is highly uncorrelated to most asset classes.

Artificial intelligence

Powerful artificial intelligence with deep learning combined with increased computing power and big data analytics has enabled Century Analytics to elevate investment strategies to new levels in terms of risk and reward. Continuous research is done to embrace the latest developments in this field.

Risk management

Risk is one of our main pillars and is reflected in everything from leverage to infrastructure and trade execution. Century even has established cross-connections directly with counterparty servers in the same high-tech and highly secure data center in London, Equinix LD4. Artificial intelligence is used to further reduce risk by dynamically control portfolio management.


With diverse backgrounds ranging from Goldman Sachs, the hedge fund industry, professional poker, academia and artificial intelligence, the team contribute with different experiences to form a multifaceted, ambitious and analytically strong team.

Niklas Höjman
CEO / Co-Founder
Left Goldman Sachs to start Century Analytics.
Hugo Langéen
CIO / Co-Founder
Nearly a decade of professional trading experience and a former high-stakes poker player.
Jimmy Carlsson
CTO / Co-Founder
Serial entrepreneur and 15 years of tech and artificial intelligence/machine learning experience.


Hugo Langéen went from being a professional bassoon player, to a world class online poker player, to becoming a successful currency trader. Big data- and behavioral analysis being Hugo’s strongest traits, and represent much of the back bone in Century’s models as they stand today. When Hugo transitioned to full-time professional trading, he met Niklas Höjman. Niklas was at the time simultaneously finishing university degrees in both law and economics, while actively trading currencies. They started a collaboration based on their interest to develop successful, systematic trading algorithms for the foreign exchange market.

Niklas briefly joined the trading floor of Goldman Sachs before Hugo and Niklas decided to start Century Analytics. Shortly afterwards, they met Jimmy Carlsson. Jimmy has during most of his academic and professional career focused on artificial intelligence, with research ranging from artificial intelligence applications for the military to currency trading. This diverse trinity has a genuine obsession to realise Century Analytic's vision and actively be part of reshaping the asset management industry.


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